zaterdag 23 maart 2013

a little comparison

My mind pulled the brakes on life yesterday. And there is only one way to explain the feeling.

When i was 10/11 and still in elementary school, my mum asked me to come with her to a shop in the next city. I could use my sisters bike, one with gears. I wasn't used to cycling, so i got tired and had trouble keeping up at the end of the hour ride. But after spending some time in the shop, i was refreshed.
We headed home with the wind in our face, and i couldn't keep up with my mum. I told her the cycling was heavy, she said i shouldn't complain, being tired and a bit of wind wasn't a reason to go that slow. I was just asking for attention. After 15 minutes in which i did my very best to keep up (the last 5minutes crying). Though she was skeptic, she offered to change bicycles.
She found out i wasn't exaggerating, there was something wrong with the bike. Which made riding it extremely heavy.

That's how i feel right now.
Like trying my very best, to keep up with other peoples standards. Knowing there is something wrong with my verhicle. But no one wants to listen.

I know you all have the best intentions, but please just let me be. I will get there, my own way, my own pace.
Thank you