maandag 28 december 2009

systematic chaos

Stuff i have
- 7 boxes with fabric scraps for doll clothing
- 4 fabric pieces i wanted to make cardigans from, for a fair where i stood in october
- gears from an old clock
- pieces of my old demolished sewingmachine
- about 60 skeleton keys
- 40 keyboard interriors, there is great stuff in there, but i never got arround to use it
- brown and green leather i stripped off old couches
- transparent plastic tablecloth for clothing
- Linnen for another mideavel dress

stuff to do
- Homework for my education as soundengeneer
- half finished mideavel dress
- half finished assasins creed costume
- half finished steampunk bag
- half finished hello kitty cardigan
- pre cut dollclothing i still have to sew
- tons of dollfurniture wich needs repainting, but no place for a dollhouse
- glass cristmas balls to paint
- blanco piggybanks to paint

It's quite a list. And i plan to get rid of all this stuff. Some by using it, others by giving it away or selling it.
In about a year i hope to go and live together with my boyfriend, and i can't take all this with me, but i can't leave it with my parents either. They are getting sick of it already and now it's still my bedroom.
I promissed myself if i manage to clear things, i will make my own weddingdress. :) great deal right?

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