donderdag 22 december 2011

soul journaling

A friend posted this on FB today.

With midwinter (jule/joel) start the 13 holy nights. this is a important period of speculation and silence. consciously experience the winter solstice and feel that the light comes back. Allow yourself these days to be as silent as the nature. every night is a zodiac image for the new order of the year. Try to plan completely nothing and just live day by day. Feel the silence. take your time. do everything with your full attention.(@yule agenda)

I have been quite lost lately, and when i got a discount email for laura hollicks courses i thought of it as a sign.
So i signed up for the creativity cleanse. Keeping a soul journal about my intention, and why and how i am going to live by it.

one of the assignments was write down ways you would feel if your life was trifting, if you were the most whole version of yourself you could be.

And draw some of those.

This is me, dancing life.


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