zondag 26 februari 2012

The causes of STRESS

Hello, and sorry, for not updating on the pagan blog project.
I will start joining from this point in time. (2nd D?)
I just had some personal issues, and exams.

First my exams, i ruined them and will have to retake almost all in summer.
Second. Four years ago, i had a friend with benefits, i cheated. He wished to never see me again.
I started waking up from dreams with him in it. Sometimes leaving me crying for days. For the past 3 months.
After which i wanted to go and visit him to tell him i'm sorry, but instead i send him a message (like many before) this time i got a reply. He forgives me :) I feel way better now.
Though i still need to work on my behaviour which caused this. It is a habit, and it's though replacing it by something better.

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